Ferris Custom Cabinetry
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FerrisCo Process

FerrisCo Process

We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate all of the details and the timeline for your cabinetry.  There may be many moving pieces in the project- such as different finishes, upholstery, and metalwork.  Additionally, we understand that our cabinetry may be a part of a much larger project.  Because of this we send out weekly Project Status Reports so that all parties are on the same page, and we are meeting the critical path for the schedule.   Our goal is not only to give you the highest quality product, but to ease the burden of coordination on you and any contractors involved.    


FerrisCo will work up a proposal with pricing that will reflect a detailed description of cabinet style, finish, and many other details that we feel will be important in the final work.


We take pride in producing a detailed set of shop drawings.  We spend a good amount of energy in engineering the construction of all components and selection of all materials.  With all these details in our drawings, this is the chance for all involved to review project for design, usefulness, and coordination with other trades.  (We double check site dimensions.  This is not on you!)

Shop drawing approval

At this point we clients review all the cabinet details in order to confirm that we will build what they want.  Cabinet interiors are dimensioned, door swings noted, and all sorts of other information which will enable to client to confirm the usefulness of cabinetry.  At this stage we also request that all finish selections have been finalized.

Materials Requisition /Construction/finishing

This is the work!  We begin by immediately ordering all materials, especially those with long lead-times.  Once everything has arrived at our shop the cabinet construction takes place.  We typically perform a "mock-up" with all cabinets assembled and in place before it is sent to our finishing team.  After finishing is completed we typically wait one week for curing of all components before it is delivered to your house!  


You may decide to have Ferris install the cabinets.  On many customized projects we may insist that we perform the installation.  It is our team that best knows how all parts fit together.  If it is a standard type of project, you may wish to have your own installers.  If so, we often have the installers come to visit our shop to see the work in the mock up phase.  We will provide a detailed set of drawings especially for the team of installers.